Automated Daily Income Review

What is automated daily income?

This is a site that as per sales pitch, one can begin making money within an hour.

The cash we are stating here is not just little cash but talk of big cash like $379 and more within one day.

This is what makes a this offer so tempting, although the “investment” is $97, you would think that you can make this money back in one day…and then some.

How does it work?

The site works by giving you a link, which you are supposed to send somewhere anywhere for someone to click on it so that you get cash. This is so simple if only it was true.

The site’s system is supposedly based on marketing strategies, which are some of the most genuine online marketing methods…just a ploy to sound genuine.

Is it a scam?

This automated income making site is a scam. The site uses a sales pitch, containing many shady and outright lies.

Several reasons make this site a scam which include:

1) The site’s news network.

Just like other scams, they try using legitimate sources trying to prove legitimate.

Name dropping popular big and new companies is a trick to to get you to sign up.

2) Fake and untrustworthy testimonials.

Fake testimonials which are positive comments made by ghost persons. This is because such comments are made by people whose profiles are filled with generic photos untraceable and have been used in various clone sites. A conclusion of the sites being fake then follows automatically.

3) Logo’s used on the site.

The logo’s they use permission for usage is not granted. The site has a news report icon that plays a video which is used with no permission and has no connection with automated income daily earner but only a generated report on how you can work from your home.

4) The scarcity of the site.

Its scarcity makes it a scam. Despite the fact that marketers also can remove some products following many sales, the people running the systems do not do the same. A remainder of 7 to 9 will always be shown and an act on the warning.

5) The demand displayed on the site.

Another reason behind it being a scam is that demand the site has. Automated income daily earner site incorporates many companies and ones with famous names in search of individuals like you who will post their link for them.

Can you make money?

You cannot make money with automated income earner because:
Only gives hopes of very high claims.

It is quite impossible to make $379 in an hour with this link posting.

This inflated claims made here are only to interfere with your rational is that possible?

Just like other businesses so is automated Daily income.

You cannot make money from posting links because: Which company would by any chance pay wages of $5 to $30 individuals for posting only one link online?

Automating the process instead would sound better for such companies which will post the links automatically.

It is automatic that such links are considered spam after posting them so big companies as stated cannot associate with such.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, automated daily earner site is only one among the many clone sites which are using similar sales pitch only the names are different.

The product they market is moreover the same with the same hyping of claims. These sites only give you false hopes of earning a lot of money. Trash!

There are many legitimate ways to make money online, this is not one of them.

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