Extreme Home Paycheck Review

Review of Extreme Home Paycheck

It’s not as easy to make money online as one might believe. In fact, you might spend a great deal of time searching for legitimate opportunities, only to be lured in by a scam or wind up buying a product that is of low quality.

You are probably reading this because you are wanting to get an honest review of Extreme Home Paycheck before you actually make a purchase. Well, let me cut right to the chase – Do not do it! I will now explain why I have come to that blunt conclusion.


What is Extreme Home Paycheck Exactly?

This particular system is basically nothing new. It is, quite simply, a link posting scam. It offers the same sale pitch that other systems have previously developed, with only a few minor modifications.

The system was developed by  Mick Moore, but upon further review I have discovered that this individual is actually a fake person.

The real people behind Extreme Home Paycheck kept their names out of it in order to provide a more personal touch to the scam.

If you ever try to conduct a Google search on the names behind this company, you will have difficulty doing so because the names are so generic.

This is the same sales pitch given by other site, just with different names.

I actually came across Extreme Home Paycheck via the site Consumer Review Trends.

This is a fake news site where every link on the page directs you to the Extreme Home Paycheck site. Because it is so driven by advertisements, nothing on the page should be taken at its word. Do not trust anything you read there!

Every page on this system contains a number of references to a host of different new agencies.

Many of these only offer a cursory connection by claiming that there are work from home opportunities to be found there. One of them does state that Extreme Home Paycheck is a feature on one of those sites.

The main issue that I have with this site is the ridiculous claims that it makes about earnings. You will find statements claiming that you make money only five minutes after joining.


Let me tell you – that is simply not the truth.

Another Link Posting Scam

When you engage in a link posting scam like this, you can literally copy and paste different links all over the Web. In return, you are supposed to make a sum of money for each and every link that you end up posting. In reality, you will only see money if something clicks on the link you have posted AND actually buys something at that website.

This is simply affiliate marketing, and it almost never works when just using random links. Extreme Home Paycheck, however, wants you to believe that this is not the case.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this site is a waste of your time. Do yourself a favor and do not even go there to read the bogus claims. They will try to lure you in, but remain strong and stay away.

The thing to remember is that there is no get rich quick formula…making money online takes time, hard work, and dedication.

Have you had any experience with Extreme Home Paycheck–positive or negative? Please let us know, comment below.


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  • I almost got into Extreme Home Paycheck program! THANK YOU for saving me the time.
    Awesome value & content Kay! Keep up the good work! 🙂


  • Thanks for letting us know. I was wondering whether I should buy into this. I think I’ll stick the learning real affiliate marketing and stop running after every single new hyped up product that turns out to be garbage.

  • I am shocked and amazed that these sites are always popping up and people fall for it. You could make a vocation out of exposing the junk which makes it harder for legitimate sites to gain credibility with the masses.

  • It is amazing how some people work very hard to scam others out of their money. It is good that you have exposed this site.

    The Link Posting Scam has been around for a long time but people still get caught by it. All those who have read your post will be on the look out for this site and will try to avoid them.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Unfortunately the internet is over polluted with these scams.. And many people get deceived.. You have done a good job here.
    I hope many people read this article in order to play safe..

  • Hi and thank you for your post! I almost fell for them if it weren’t for you. I have came across to a few reviews on the internet about them, but most of the people were hiding the truth. Is hard these days to find a source to rely on.

    • Andrei,
      I am glad to be of help to others. On my online journey, I have fallen for one of two of these scamns spending money I didnt have in the first place. I will certainly continue to post more as I find them. Thank you for visiting.

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