WOW Women On Writing Review


Looking to get paid to write online?

Wow, Women on Writing can be a great opportunity especially for Women that want to work from home!

WOW WOMEN on Writing Review

WOW, Women on Writing may be just the opportunity you are looking for. Whether you are an established writer or just starting out you can get started on WOW Women on Writing quickly and easily.

When reviewing WOW Women on Writing we assessed the service on the basis of price, pay per word, ease of use and add on benefits.

The first impressive thing about this service and perhaps the most tempting initial factor is that it is free to join. It’s always a bit off-putting when you go to join a “write to get paid” website and find out that you first have to pay without finding out how legitimate and helpful the resource is.

As the name might suggest WOW Women on Writing is a website focused on fostering the writing careers of women, with access to opportunities only provided to women.

How to Make Money & How to Get Paid?

There are a few different ways you can earn money with WOW Women on Writing, starting with writing articles designed to appeal to the readers of the website.

The pay is substantial with rates of $75 per 1000 to 1500 word inspirational article. This rate increases with word count and type as you would expect, feature articles over 3000 words earning a whopping $150. However, feature interviews over 3000 words only pay $75.

Payments are made via PayPal and the rates of pay are exceptional when compared with a lot of other websites.  Another way that WOW Women on Writing allows women to earn money is through becoming an instructor.

To do this you must have a proven track record of entrepreneurship through writing, affiliate marketing or another means relevant to WOW Women on Writing content.

The courses are available for women to take at a cost of $80 to $130 with a maximum class size of 10 students.

The educators will need to be available to students the whole way through the course. The courses are a great opportunity for both students and educators alike.

Contests can also provide another avenue for aspiring female writers to win funds by competing in a variety of exciting opportunities that will help inspire and challenge writers to create high-quality work. Entering the contests comes at a cost of $10 and they are only open to the first 300 entrants.

The entries for the contests usually need to be 250 to 750 words, with the best twenty articles splitting the pool of money accumulated from the entry fees.

Perhaps the best part of the WOW Women on Writing website is the emphasis on community with friendships and great working relationships being integral to the success of the website as a vibrant creative hub.

WOW Women on Writing has a great support team that is always available to help out when needed.

Final Thoughts

Wow women on Writing is definitely a good site to get paid to write especially for women that want to be part of a friendly community that supports women.

Have you ever tried this site out?

Would you join?

Please share with us your experiences!

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