How to start your own clothing line from home

how to start your own clothing line

How to start your own clothing line from home

Clothing is among the basic human needs. Even in cases of a rising or a crushed economy, it will be in demand. Therefore, if you have a plan of establishing a clothing line, you will have probably chosen the correct option. However, like all other businesses, having a good plan at the beginning will help make some big impact either positively or negatively. The best part of coming up with a clothing line is the fact that you can carry it out at the comfort of your home. The following steps are vital in helping you on how to start your own clothing line from home.

Starting your very own fashion empire is not as difficult as you may think.  In some instances, you don’t need to manage your own inventory.  Many dropping shipping options are available

1. Conduct research

This is vital mainly if you are fresh in the fashion industry. You will be required to know the various ins and outs of this company and the other requirements based on your target market. Look for some already established company and feature pieces or interview about the company. Come up with some good idea which most people will like.

2. Create a business plan

For the success of a business, you plan for the cost, marketing and inventory. Even with the home clothing line, you should come up with to do list. This should entail some strategies you intend to implement which will guide you on execution of each step. Include your vision/mission, company description, SWOT analysis, pricing, product offering, capital generation, advertising/marketing strategies, final projection and the costing.

3. Obtain permits and loans (if applicable)

If planning to start some small business clothing line, you can be able to sell your items in marketplaces without the permits and loans, on Etsy and eBay. In various countries, you should have a corporate bank account and a tax payer number for you to start such a business. Since your business is home-based, you will then skip permits for safety, fire and health departments.

4. Have your business sketch and come up with a prototype

Whether you will have to hire a person to draw your design or do it yourself, your ideas should at last be got in a paper. Once done, create some prototypes. These can be used for invitation of investors for the funding of your business.

5. Safe startup funds and determine your pricing

A minimum of $500 is enough to start a clothing line at your home. It is therefore advisable that you secure some from bank loans, investors or some other means if your starting is big or else in the process of the business expansion.

6. Sourcing material

This is among the difficult to complete since you budget mostly go against your budget. Sourcing some material which are capable of meeting your price and requirements much lower than your estimated is a bit tricky. However, most cloth lines have been able to do this.

7. Find a manufacturer

Local manufacturers have proved to be the best. This is because their delivery is much quicker compared to the international manufactures.

8. Launch your store


Build some web which has some user-friendly, mobile-ready and a fully-functional store since you will not have some brick and mortar store. Your web is your major platform.


9. Do your Marketing in the high heavens

Regardless of the awesomeness of your clothing line, without people visiting your site it then could be in vain. Your main focus should be in the marketing of your product.

10. Provide good customer care

Once you meet your customer, give the best service ever. This will lead to several referrals and repeat business.

Final Thoughts

Though starting a clothing line business at home might appear easy, it is not necessarily child’s play. If you are ready for the challenge in this business, follow the above steps.

Implementation of this steps will highly determine the level of your business success.

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