15 Ways to Make Money With Youtube



Since Youtube was launched in the year 2005, a lot of people have been using it for various services such as video sharing, while others earn their living by using this platform.

The first earners made million of dollars estimated to be from 5 million to 15 million in the year 2016. Well, if you would like to join the club of you tube millionaires here are 15 ways to do so.

1. Use Adsense

Adsense is a platform that works hand in hand with Google which is the primary search engine for ranking various marketers. All you need is to create a video and incorporate Adsense advertisements to your videos. If your videos and Adsense are voted to be the top or rather get a high rank you can end up earning up to 4 dollars for every 1000 views you get.

2. Seek brand sponsorship

You can work with an established brand whereby they give you their products or services to advertise for them. For example, you can collaborate with a makeup company whereby you showcase how to use their makeup products, and you get paid in return. I personally spends lots of hours on Youtube looking at make up tutorials or hair style tutorials.

3. Sell your products

A lot of customers have faith in products if they have live proof of how the products are used and how to use them as well. So Instead of hiring people or other advertising companies to sell your products use YouTube and sell your products to your targeted customers.

4. Offer tutorial

Some people earn their living by providing tutorial lessons on YouTube. For example, there are those who provide education on how to trade with Forex exchange among others. So find an area that you believe will benefit your listeners and create a video of the steps and procedures needed to accomplish that task. It can be anything from how to fix a car, leaking tap, etc.

5. Provide consultation services

Not every body has time to visit a doctor or other professional offices to seek help or consultation services. Therefore by creating a kind and quality YouTube video people will just search for the services they need and if they find your content helpful rest assured they will flock to your site for the information.

6. Create You Tube series

With the rising use of social media, most people prefer to streamline their movies as compared to buying. Therefore, you can quickly earn your money by creating a good story line and post it for people to watch. For quality and good flow purposes, work with a script writer to guide you where necessary.

7. Start vlogging

Some people use blogging as their full-time job, and the right news is you can add another excellent feature to your blog content and raise it to a higher level. All you need is to create a good video about the topic you are talking about and add it to your blog posts.

8. Fan-fund your You Tube channel

There are other social media platforms such as the Facebook and Instagram which you may have high popularity. So if you are establishing your YouTube channel and you are not earning well, consider adding the fun fund feature setting on your You Tube channel which allows your friends give you a few dollars every time they visit your YouTube page. The feature is added with Adsense.

9. Market your website

If you want to enter into the world of business, YouTube can profoundly assist you to introduce your brand and products to the market by creating a video that explains what your website is all about. Also, include a link that directs your viewers to your site. Just make sure the products you are offering are helpful to your audience.

10. Affiliate marketing

This kind of marketing involves one acting like a marketer to a bigger and established brand such as Amazon whereby you direct customers to their pages to buy products, and in return, you earn a commission. You can create videos about products reviews, recommendations among others.

11. Crowd fund your projects

You may be having an excellent product or service idea, but then again you don’t have money to finance it. Therefore you can create a video to persuade people to invest in your project, and if it is helpful, people will invest in it.

12. Marketing research

You can also use You Tube to do your marketing research about a particular topic or product in the market. With You Tube, you get to interact with customers and get their views on what they think about the particular topic.

13. Become a You Tube manager

A lot of companies don’t have enough time to follow up on their YouTube channels, and if you have enough knowledge about you tube and how to get people to the page, then you can easily get a job from such companies to man their videos uploads and follow-up as well where you also earn.

14. Become You Tube editor

If you have been using You Tube for a while, then you must have  some, if not all of the required skills regarding editing posting and also how to create quality content and videos. Therefore you can work with brands and other affiliates where you help them edit their videos for a fee.

15. Become a journalist

If you have had a dream of becoming a journalist you can quickly achieve your goal on your own by the use of YouTube. All you need is to find a celebrity within your local area or region, carry out an interview and post it. You will be earning at every click a fan clicks to watch the interview…a easy as that.

Final Thoughts

How many of you have toyed with the idea of making money from YouTube?  I have thought about it, and damn it, why not. My children want their own channel, because they see other kids and their parents “buying a new house’ from Youtube.

Hey, do you want a new house? Go for it.


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