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Do you want to build a website, but have no idea where to begin?  If yes, you should probably keep reading.  I will show you how YOU can build a free website in 30 seconds.  Gone are the days where you need to be a computer whiz or pay hundreds of dollars to build a website, who has that much money laying around anyway? Not me…I assure you.  I don’t know about you, but I love free, quick, and easy.  What kind of website do you dream of creating…Do you want to create a personal blog, a business website…how about a niche website to earn money?

All of the above? Why Not?  All it takes is 30 seconds to create one…easy peasy.

Not only must your website be a reflection of you or your business, but it must stand to serve a purpose.  Of course, this differs based on the type of website.  However, in order for the website to be considered a QUALITY website, it must contain the following five characteristics:

  • Design the design of the website must reflect the nature of the business.  Always keep the audience in mind when choosing a design
  • Speed this is a no-brainer, right?  Who has time to sit there and wait for a page to load?  The page must load quickly
  • Navigation Again keep your audience/customers in mind.  Think like a user.  Do you want to sit there all day trying to figure out where to go next?  Navigating on the website should be easy
  • Page Content Do I need to explain this one?  Create quality content for your audience
  • Content Management System The most used is WordPress

With these characteristics, you will have a successful website…all you have to do is get started.


You have probably heard of WordPress? If not, no worries. WordPress is the most commonly used framework for website building.  Take a look around, this website was built using WordPress.  WordPress is commonly used simply because of the many benefits to the user.

Here the benefits of using the WordPress Framework for building your website:

  • Ease of use…virtually dummy proof. As a matter of fact, they should call it…website building for dummies
  • Over 10, 000 one-click “add ons” for your website
  • No knowledge of coding necessary
  • Over 14, 000 themes to select from
  • A community of support…all over the world. This is essential to a successful website.

I use WordPress to build all five of my websites.

Ready to build your free website in 30 seconds?

If you are willing to take action, you can have your very own website in three easy steps.

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That’s it…You are all set

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